– Recently launched triple-function sunscreen containing cica, ectoine, and wild ginseng extract, attracting international acclaim.


세면용품, 향수, 액체, 투명 소재이(가) 표시된 사진자동 생성된 설명


 [COS’IN Korea Han Ji-won] ORLIC (CEO KWON, OH YUK), a Vegan Beauty brand delivering healthy value with premium ingredients from both East and West, is gaining attention.


‘ORLIC’ is the first private brand launched by Metapola Aroma Co., Ltd., a pioneer in organic cosmetics since 2004. Using COSMOS-certified global organic ingredients, ORLIC minimizes the use of chemical preservatives and artificial fragrances to develop low-irritation, high-functionality skincare suitable for sensitive skin.


ORLIC has consistently introduced sustainable products based on natural ingredients like herbs. By blending Eastern and Western traditions and technologies, and developing proprietary ingredients through research and development, ORLIC has made various efforts to enhance product quality. The innovative formulations developed at their exclusive R&D center boast excellent efficacy and application, earning consistent consumer acclaim.


텍스트, 세면용품, 피부 관리, 스킨 크림이(가) 표시된 사진자동 생성된 설명


Recently, ORLIC made headlines with the launch of ‘Green Sunscreen,’ a hybrid sunscreen made exclusively with EWG green-grade ingredients. ‘Green Sunscreen’ contains seven types of cica, German Ectoin, and ORLICs proprietary wild ginseng extract, with allergen-free natural essential oils for fragrance. It has received vegan certification from the Korea Vegan Certification Institute (KVC) and Reef Friendly certification from the Global Standard Certification (GSC).


‘Green Sunscreen’ is a triple-function product that offers whitening, wrinkle improvement, and UV protection, allowing you to enjoy skincare benefits with just one sunscreen. Additionally, it has passed primary skin irritation and other safety tests, making it safe for use on sensitive skin.


텍스트, 실내, 플라스틱, 병이(가) 표시된 사진자동 생성된 설명


This month, ORLIC is participating in the ‘Vegan Cosmetics Festival’ and the ‘2024 Korea Beauty Festival,’ running booths and experience programs to connect with customers. ORLIC is receiving attention not only in Korea but also in Turkey, Japan, Vietnam, the USA, Thailand, India, Dubai, and Australia. Recently, they expanded their international presence by participating in the ‘2024 Tokyo K-Product Premium Consumer Goods Exhibition,’ where they met directly with major Japanese buyers like Rakuten and consumers.


A representative from the ORLIC brand stated, “We will continue to invest in the development of proprietary ingredients and formulations to consistently release products with superior quality. We are committed to ensuring that many consumers can experience the ORLIC brand.”


Orlic – Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/orlic_official_kr/

Official Store: https://www.orlic.co.kr/


Company Name : Metapola Aroma

Name: Manager Kwon

Email: inform@orlic.co.kr

Division : Marketing Team

Address:183, Suworam 4-gil, Seotan-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Phone: +82-10-6208-3085

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