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The current 2024 cycle has experienced wild and crazy price rallies from cryptocurrencies of most sectors. Specifically, meme coins, but also AI, social Fi, and utility tokens. What does that mean for meme tokens such as FLOKI and Raboo ($RABT) an AI powered meme coin at the intersection of SocialFi, MemeFi and AI?

Bitcoin: Post Halving Fever or Crypto Winter?

For the past few months, Bitcoin has surged up to 90% YTD – a strong signal of its bullish momentum. Nonetheless, that's still slower than the crypto market average – with meme coins such as FLOKI rallying over 500%. Historically, post halving season, Bitcoin surges to a parabolic bull run yet in this year, despite almost a month since halving, Bitcoin ranges between $60K -$72K.

Is it possible the halving flow has changed? Or is the increase in meme coins disrupting the Bitcoins rhythm.

This recent change has investors worried with mixed reactions. Some predict that for the next few weeks/ months the currency could go lower.

Alternatively, some claim the bottom is in and it's up only from here. Their jury is that below $60K the mining rates become unsustainable for miners hence can't go below that.

The current bearishness could be just a slight pullback. Or it could be a summer winter. After all, most traders agree the summer season doesn't offer good trading opportunities.

It's also possible this is due to sucked out liquidity going to meme coins.

Currently, traders and investors are aware that strong meme coins such as FLOKI and Dogecoin influence market movements and too much liquidity injected into them is unhealthy for the overall situation. Therefore, while indeed Bitcoin is painfully slow and confusing at the moment, it'll be back and strong when, once again, the meme coins allure fades.

Is FLOKI the New Dog of Memes or just a Fad?

As one of the major meme coins on the market, FLOKI had a rally of over 500% since the start of the year. This propelled FLOKI into the top 5 largest meme coins and makes it entirely enticing to investors who are always seeking astronomical gains from the crypto trenches.

The current world of alt coins shows that the Meme coins sector is one of the fastest growing and most promising for future investors to reap big for small capital. As such, FLOKI is one of the stronger meme coins in this bull cycle and should be a good investment. Better yet, new meme coins such as Raboo offer the best returns on investment.

Is this rally good for Raboo?

As a new cryptocurrency going mainnet in a bull cycle, $RABT – is a promising token to capture the hearts of crypto investors as it's everything going well for the current market.

Raboo is a play to earn token that is at the intersection of meme coins, AI and social Fi. It's also a utility token as users earn cryptocurrency by interacting with the token. The more one is active and scales through levels, the more they earn.

As a community oriented platform, Raboo also offers token merchandise and presale buyers also get to receive customized NFTs. The token's smart contracts are secured by SolidProof – a leading Blockchain security company based in Germany.

Its base starting price was $0.003 and continues to grow as current presale price is $0.0042. This is a promising token, with experts projecting an increase almost 250% during pre-sale season.


In the end, there's no cause to worry over Bitcoin, and we can expect positive returns from the crypto markets. Raboo, as a new token that has raised over $1.5M during their presale, is a good investment that could offer over 100x returns especially for presale buyers. Expert analysts predict that it could surge to over 10,000% once the token launches on major exchanges.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here

Telegram: https://t.me/RabootokenPortal

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Raboo_Official

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