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Islamabad, Pakistan June 3, 2024 – (ThriveNewsWire) – Gaming industry in Pakistan has been on rise for last couple of years. Recently, number of major international investments in Pakistani Gaming tech sector have attracted attention of global tech players. The rising industry has experienced number of acquisitions of local talent in recent past. In this regard, the vibrant heart of Islamabad witnessed a landmark event as over 150 game developers, animators, and designers gathered for an unprecedented meetup.


Hosted at the offices of IDRAK AI (Pakistans first award-winning AI company) and Design Peeps (a globally recognized leader in digital product design), the evening marked a pivotal moment for Pakistans gaming and animation industry.

This historic event, organized by IDRAK AI and Design Peeps in collaboration with Arab Play, Miradore, Section Soft, Huawei, and Moonshot Animations, epitomized the spirit of innovation and partnership. Supported by P@SHA, IGI, and Maida Co., the meetup showcased the strength and diversity of Pakistans burgeoning creative and technological sectors.

Throughout the evening, industry leaders shared profound insights into the current landscape and future prospects of game and animation development in Pakistan, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise. The event also witnessed the signing of three Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) and two significant contracts, setting the stage for future collaborations in gaming, animation, mobile app development, and event management. These agreements are poised to propel the industry forward, targeting both local and Saudi market business segments.

We are elated by the extraordinary turnout and the enthusiasm from all sectorsgovernment, academia, industry, and students alike, said Sheikh Abdul Qadir, MD of IDRAK AI, and Usman Fiaz, CEO of Design Peeps, the visionary organizers behind the event, This gathering is a testament to the immense potential and talent within Pakistans gaming industry. Its truly Game ON for Pakistan.

The event was a celebration of the thriving community of game developers, animators, and designers. Attendees reveled in the vibrant atmosphere of Islamabads beautiful evening, engaging in discussions that spanned the latest technological innovations and the artistic nuances of game creation. The gaming industry in Pakistan, now valued at over half a billion dollar, demonstrated its significant growth and vast potential.

This event stands as a milestone, heralding future growth and collaboration within the gaming and animation sectors. It created a crucial platform for stakeholders to unite, share knowledge, and drive the industry towards unprecedented heights. As Pakistan continues to make waves in the global gaming and animation markets, such events will be instrumental in fostering a robust and innovative ecosystem.

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