SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA /  KRAET.IO is bringing the first-ever approach in tokenized real-world assets (RWA), the new meta leading the trend in mass adoption of futuristic technologies. is offering innovative ways to tokenize priceless physical items, including collectibles, real estate, and artwork, to simplify the adoption of blockchain with real asset integration. KRAET allows its customers to enjoy increased accessibility and liquidity between physical assets and blockchain technology.

Innovative Solutions for the Market

Integration of NFTs with De-Fi: Facilitates simpler transaction tracking and verification by increasing asset ownership transparency.

SoulBound NFTs and decentralized identity verification ensure asset transfer and ownership records accuracy and security.

Initial Asset Offerings (IAOs) based on blockchain technology democratize high-value asset investments by allowing fractional ownership and public access.

Staking and Exclusive Auctions: Provides investors and asset holders with cutting-edge liquidity and investment options.

In addition to providing more than 400 product possibilities, is in the forefront of introducing real-world assets into the blockchain ecosystem, which has a big impact on the market.

Tackling Real-World Issues Head-on

Even while blockchain utilities-from Ethereum’s smart contracts to NFTs and Layer 2 solutions-have grown significantly, the sector has had trouble going mainstream because of high-value asset liquidation problems and a lack of practical use. In order to address these problems, offers solutions that improve asset liquidity while also making it simple for retail investors to invest in asset classes that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Market Effect and Prospects is in a unique position to seize the lead in the real-world asset tokenization sector, which is expected to grow rapidly. For example, the worldwide tokenized real estate market is expected to grow significantly from its current valuation to reach $1.4 trillion by 2030. hopes to lead the industry and establish new benchmarks for asset liquidity and investor accessibility by leveraging this expansion.

Founder Speaks

“At, our goal is to enable a significant change in asset management and investing. “We improve real-world assets’ liquidity and open up investment opportunities to a wider audience by directly connecting them to the blockchain,” said Lee Hae Seong, the CEO and founder of

About Company

KRAET.IO is the first virtual asset token exchange devoted to real-world assets, offering improved asset value transfers in terms of security, transparency, and convenience. Initially, the platform’s main goal is to draw in international investors eager to take the lead in fusing blockchain technology with traditional asset markets.

Media Details:

Contact person: Lee Hae Sung

Company name: Kraet