New York, USA, 29th May 2024, ZEX PR WIREPowerledger today announced that it has achieved the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability designation in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. By earning the Sustainability designation, Powerledger has proven their success in building and producing solutions and tools on Google Cloud to help customers achieve their sustainability and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) goals.  The designation was awarded based on the success of Powerledger’s platforms that are leveraged by over 30 companies for sustainability related use cases like Ekwateur in France that allows their customers to meticulously track and trace their energy, Energie Steiermark in Austria that creates energy communities, to TATA Power in India that enables Peer to Peer Energy Trading.

The new solutions of the Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability partner program will help customers achieve meaningful climate objectives for their businesses. Partners with this designation deliver solutions that reduce carbon emissions, increase the sustainability of value chains, help organizations process ESG or help them identify climate risk for increased resilience.

Google Cloud Ready – Sustainability will provide Powerledger’s customers a facilitated journey to discover and use proven partner solutions, powered by Google Cloud, in their sustainability business transformations. 

Powerledger was founded in 2016 with a mission to create markets that remove the obstacles to 24/7 renewable energy. It holds a prominent position as a worldwide provider of blockchain and AI-driven technology tools focused on sustainability. Offering a diverse array of solutions, Powerledger equips its clients with the necessary tools to meet their sustainability goals effectively. Powerledgers solutions encompass a range of applications, including tracking energy origins, implementing loyalty programs, and facilitating trading in energy, carbon, and renewable energy certificates. 

Among them, Vision platform integrates with smart meters to track the energy generated by assets of any size and capacity and location automatically, guaranteeing traceability of energy right back to its source. Vision is available in Google Cloud Marketplace and it enables energy retailers to unlock and create new revenue streams, as well as retain existing customers.

For large-scale meter data processing, and with an aim to get meter reads from 1 Billion users (ideally every 15 minutes), scaleability is of prime importance to Powerledger. So it uses several Google Cloud platform services, such as Kubernetes Engine, Compute Engine, and Cloud BigTable.

“Powerledger’s Vision offers much needed energy visibility for RE100 companies, enabling the meticulous tracking of Scope 2 emissions at individual sites using electricity meters, and across their entire portfolio. It’s a tool that transforms sustainability goals into actionable insights, providing companies with a comprehensive understanding of their energy usage,” says Powerledger Chairman & Co-founder Dr. Jemma Green.

Google Cloud Ready for Sustainability is part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program, designed to maximize Google Cloud partners’ success across business models, customer requirements, success metrics, and strategic priorities. Google Cloud Marketplace Sustainability Hub provides customers with easy access to validated sustainability solutions and will showcase Google Cloud Ready for Sustainability solutions. 

Powerledger was founded in 2016 with a mission to create markets that remove the obstacles to 24/7 renewable energy. Powerledger’s blockchain-backed software is widely adopted by utilities and large corporations to meticulously track, trace, and trade every kilowatt of energy, contributing to successful decarbonisation endeavors. Powerledger’s software works alongside the existing energy system infrastructure, enabling greater control and ownership of energy for a sustainable future