Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Recently, the Web3 IM SOEX, powered by protocols like Nostr+, TradeDivi, and Sketch, has successfully developed an integrated social trading ecosystem. This system combines social interactions across CEX/DEX/DeFi, allowing users to leverage community knowledge and data for trading. Opting for SOEX instead of conducting trades directly on exchanges yields higher returns, as users are rewarded through airdrops based on trading volume and commissions.

Introducing SOEX SOEX is an innovative platform set to revolutionize social trading and adapt it to Web3 necessities. By integrating instant messaging and trading, the app delivers a seamless experience in a balanced ecosystem that provides users multiple return streams. Essentially, SOEX solves the challenges users face when turning to web2 apps to gather the information needed for trading by creating a direct connection with traders holding and interested in the same tokens.

Key Features As the first transaction-driven Web3 IM, SOEX connects users with other traders based on common holdings and interests, helping them join public and private groups to access relevant information and improve their trading strategies. It also enables seamless connections to exchanges, adding the advantage of airdrop benefits. Key functionalities include:

– Position chat– timely insights into consensus among position holders and market sentiment

– Price change alerts & data push

– Optimized pathways for trading

– Private domain trading

– Trading pairs listing

– Building decentralized trading identities

– Web3 IM basic features:encrypted conversations, private-domain communities, node communication, DID data, and privacy

– Liquidity provision & staking for rewards

– Referral trading

SOEX’s tokenomics is designed to be fair by not preminting tokens and using EIP-7525 to wrap and unwrap. Additionally, a ValueFi mechanism is implemented to enhance the platform’s value.

SOEX employs a multi-token strategy that includes $SOX points (used to track user contributions and receive rewards), $SOEX (the platform’s governance token), and TVBT, an equity NFT that opens the path to governance and unlocks various benefit opportunities within the platform.

To get a clear image of what SOEX can do, take a look at this brief visual presentation: SOEX Video

Future Prospects

The platform already displays impressive metrics, essential partnerships, and strong backing, setting the stage for a skyrocketing evolution. SOEX’s roadmap includes important milestones for the near future, such as adding more CEX trading options, establishing SOEX Swap, launching the AI trading bot, listing $SOEX, integrating DEX for DeFi traders, and launching the TVBT subdomain, among others. Additionally, more CEX exchanges will be supported to enhance trading opportunities for users.

The overall goal is to provide traders with an ecosystem where they can socialize efficiently and use those interactions to maximize their benefits while becoming deeply involved in the platform, including its governance process.

Welcome to the future of social trading – an easily accessible one-stop hub where users can gather market insights and relevant token information, trade on exchanges, and earn rewards, all in a complex and user-friendly ecosystem!