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Avenue Z a strategic communications and marketing consultancy today announces the full unification and rebranding of Bevel, a strategic communications firm, to form a new driving force behind media convergence. This unique combination is a strategic venture, breaking the traditional boundaries of PR, marketing, media, and social commerce to drive influence across all digital channels.

We see the market as very open to a company like ours that brings these talents and technologies together under one roof, not just for clients benefit, but to build something that is differentiated in this space, says Jeffrey Herzog, Chairman and CEO of Avenue Z. The leadership team at Bevel, now fully unified under Avenue Z, is a critical part of helping our clients achieve greater reach, revenue, and returns .

Avenue Z aims to deliver consistent messaging that drives tangible action across multiple touchpoints. The Convergence Media approach addresses this need by seamlessly blending various disciplines to create narratives that drive commerce, forge meaningful connections, and spark impactful conversions.

By joining forces through a tech-forward approach to reputation management, our clients will be better connected to their audiences through an integrated communications strategy, said Nneka Etoniru, EVP, Head of New York at Avenue Z, and one of Crains Most Notable Leaders in Advertising, Marketing and PR. Avenue Zs approach to convergence unifies the best of brand, media, marketing, and PR to supercharge client campaigns and ultimately yield higher conversions.

Merging traditional PR tactics with paid media, digital marketing, and performance media not only increases the frequency and consistency of brand interactions but also strengthens the narrative across every platform from the Wall Street Journal to TikTok. With teams in New York, Boston, Orlando, and Miami, Avenue Z is set to break boundaries and set the stage for groundbreaking achievements in the PR industry, and beyond.

PR and strategic communications are tools for driving awareness to support their launch initiatives, growth metrics, and raising funds. To achieve broader reach, its critical that those PR efforts tie in with digital marketing assets that convert, and performance media that drives connections with the right audiences. Our clients are always innovating, they expect their PR agency to do the same. Thats exactly what weve done. said Libbie Wilcox, Director of Avenue Z New York and lead of their Alternative Assets practice.

Avenue Zs new Convergence PR solution is now available to existing clients.

As part of the leadership team, I know we are so excited for all that is to come. As a PR professional, Im reassured that the industry is also in alignment. They see that PR is ready for a change. Its ready for more. And, were going to be among the first to pave that path, said Bristol Jones, Director and Head of Miami at Avenue Z.

Avenue Z is a strategic marketing and communications company breaking traditional boundaries between marketing, advertising, and PR. From the Wall Street Journal to TikTok, PR to social and search, we create narratives that drive commerce, connections, and conversion, across all channels. With experts, tech, and teams based in New York, Boston, Orlando, Miami, and global reach – we drive influence. Visit www.avenuez.com

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