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Beata Sza?wi?ska premieres the next single from her Golden Series, Carlos Gardel’s “El dia que me quieras”

New York City, New York Jun 3, 2024 ( – A suspension of beauty in sound – perhaps the only phrase that captures the unique experience that is hearing world-renowned compositions performed by contemporary Polish pianist Beata Szawiska. Her latest recording is a moving reimagination of one of Carlos Gardel’s most beautiful songs – “El dia que me quieras”.

It’s a performance full of sonic variation, romanticism, and unexpected interpretational changes. Celebrating every sound, Beata Szawiska showcases the wide palette of her talent, an unmatched vulnerability, temperament, virtuosity, unconventionality, and exceptional playing style.

“El dia que me quieras”, first released in 1935, tells the compelling story of the day love finds us and changes the world that surrounds us.

The record’s author, Carlos Gardel, was one of the most important figures in the tango scene of the first half of the 20th century – an Argentinian composer, tango performer, the first to embellish the tango with words.

Beata Szawiska’s interpretation offers a stylistic variety, a medley of classical approach to music, the tango’s emotionality, and jazz harmony. What becomes of it is an unexpected, brand-new approach to the musical matter. The new version of Carlos Gardel’s tango was chosen by the artist for her Golden Serier after she was enamoured by the Berlin Philharmonic and Daniel Barenboim’s performance of it. Soon after this musical discovery, she was gifted the one-of-a-kind manuscript transcript used for the performance by it’s author – Nikolas Ladesma, an important figure in contemporary Argentinian tango. Ladesma has been wowed by Beata Szawiska’s interpretation of Astor Piazzolli’s Oblivion before they met. And so it goes … a brand new musical gem had to see the light of day – a pleasure not only for the music lovers.

El dia que me quieras” is yet another single from Polish pianist Beata Szawiska’s Golden Series. The first three recordings from the series – Astor Piazzolli’s Oblivion”, Sergiy Rachmaninov’s Vocalise, op. 34 nr 14″ and Peter Tchaikovsky’s Wild Nights op. 60 nr 6″ were received enthusiastically by the music world.

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Beata Szawiska – a versatile pianiast, gifted with a grand musical personality. Her craft is characterized by the blending of styles and genres, which makes her music appeal to a wider audience. Szawiska finds her audience in lovers of jazz and popular music, which feeds into her idea that a true artist is constantly searching for their individual path and expression. The Golden Series contains piano interpretations of world-renowed compositions created by Astor Piazzolli, Sergiy Rachmaninov, Peter Tchaikovsky, and Carlos Gardela.

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